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this WINCHESTER item sold for $1,853<br/>in the last 7 yrs.
 this WINCHESTER item sold for $1,853
in the last 7 yrs.

Winchester, .22 Long Rifle, 2-piece box, FULL SEALED, buff box with red black labels, Targ...

this US CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,750<br/>in the last 7 yrs.
 this US CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,750
in the last 7 yrs.

U.S. Cartridge Co., NEW RAPID SHELLS, 12ga., 2-piece box, Partial 23rds. of correct head s...

this PETERS CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,495<br/>in the last 7 yrs.
 this PETERS CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,495
in the last 7 yrs.

Peters, League WITH RABBIT, 20 GAUGE.., 2-piece box, EMPTY, Loading 4 3/4 Drs., box is sol...

this WESTERN CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,313<br/>in the last 9 yrs.
 this WESTERN CARTRIDGE CO. item sold for $1,313
in the last 9 yrs.

Western, FIELD, 28 GAUGE., 2-piece box, FULL SEALED, Shot Size 4 Chilled, buff box with mu...

this WINCHESTER item sold for $2,600<br/>in the last 7 yrs.
 this WINCHESTER item sold for $2,600
in the last 7 yrs.

Winchester, SPOTLIGHT, .22 SHORT, 2-piece box, FULL BRICK, RR WRA 81 SS 8c, buff box with...


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Best Way To Sell Your Shotshell Boxes

The #1 way to sell your collectible ShotShell Boxes is via online auctions.

Many collectors buy/sell on eBay (only empty boxes). Other auctions allow buying/selling boxes containing live ammo.

Ward's Collectibles - auctions of vintage arms, ammo and ammo-related collectibles

SoldUSA.com - general auction site

eBay.com - general auction site

AuctionArms.com - arms/ammo auctions

www.ArmsBid.com - arms/ammo auctions and armchair gun show site

GunBroker.com - arms/ammo auctions site

GunsGunsGuns.com - good list of places buy/sell Antique, Obsolete and Collectible ammo-related items.

Ammo-One.com - dealer of collectible cartridges and shotshells.

iGun.com - large list of ammo/gun antiques and collectibles dealers.

GunsInternational.com - ammo/gun antiques and collectibles auction site. Search the page for the word "collectible"... there are quite a few.

Sporting Collectibles Dealers

There are also online sporting collectibles dealers that you might want to work with for buying and selling. Here are some dealers that you can find online:

Shotshell Collectors Info

Always something new to learn with these informative collectors sites:

Cartridge-Corner.com - ammunition/cartridge headstamp identification

International Ammunition Association, Inc.
detailed info for shotshell collectors including nomenclature, terminology, manufacturers, gauge, and much more. We are not affiliated with this organization but we do find that this site contains a wealth of shotshell collecting information.

Find More Shotshell Info With Search Engines

Some ideas for Google searches you might try...

shotshell boxes for sale vintage shotshell boxes
antique shotshell boxes old shotshell boxes
shotshell auctions sporting memorobilia auctions
vintage ammo box vintage shotgun shell box

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